Body Composition Monitor HBF-375

Body Composition Monitor HBF-375


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Product Features

Full Body Sensing Technology

4-point measurement allows a more accurate and complete body composition analysis

Body Weight Scale | Omron HealthcareBody Weight

BMI Measurement | Omron HealthcareBody Mass Index (BMI)

Skeletal Muscle Monitoring | Omron HealthcareSkeletal Muscle

Body Fat Scale | Omron HealthcareBody Fat

Visceral Fat | Body Fat Monitor | Omron HealthcareVisceral Fat

Age range is 18 to 80 years old

Resting Metabolism | Omron HealthcareResting Metabolism

Same Age Comparison

Understand body condition through comparison with same age & BMI, based on the proprietary benchmarks from Omron

Progress Chart

Track the progress of your weight-reduction plan up to 90 days

Body Age | Omron HealthcareBody Age

Calculated by using your weight and body fat percentage to assess if your body age is above/ below the average for your actual age

Segmental Subcutaneous Fat & Skeletal Muscle Percentage

Subcutaneous fat & skeletal muscle percentage at different parts - whole body, trunk, legs & arms are displayed


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